Understanding What Happens During a Comprehensive Wheel Alignment Service

Understanding the importance of a Comprehensive Wheel Alignment Service

Proper wheel alignment is a crucial part of your car’s maintenance schedule. It’s important to understand the process and what happens during a comprehensive wheel alignment service. Understanding why it needs to be done, and how it can help you save money in the long run are both important factors for any car owner.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, also referred to as tracking, is the process of ensuring that all four wheels on your vehicle are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground when viewed from behind. This helps keep your vehicle running straight and true down the road. When this alignment becomes out of spec due to normal wear and tear or hitting bumps in the road, you may experience symptoms such as increased tire wear, pulling or drifting while driving straight, or uneven handling among other things.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Wheel Alignment Service?
When you bring your vehicle into Sartorial Auto Repairs for a comprehensive wheel alignment service, our experienced technicians will begin by inspecting your car’s suspension system. This includes checking all ball joints, tie rods and control arms for excess play or damage as well as ensuring that shocks are functioning properly and not leaking oil. The technician will then measure all four wheels with special equipment that checks their toe-in/toe-out angle (angle between front tires when viewed from above) as well as camber (angle between tire surfaces when viewed from front/rear) angles among other specifications depending on what type of vehicle you have. Once these angles are determined they will be compared against factory specs for your particular make/model/year of car which can vary based on options installed on said vehicle at time of purchase such as different tire sizes or an upgraded suspension package etc… Once these angles have been determined they will be adjusted using specialized equipment specifically designed for this purpose which utilizes hydraulic forces applied directly to steering components in order to change camber & caster angles which ultimately affects toe-in & toe-out settings when necessary. The technician will then recheck their work using the same measuring equipment used initially in order verify accuracy before returning your vehicle back into your possession.

Benefits Of Proper Wheel Alignment Services
It’s easy to see why proper wheel alignment is essential: if your tires are not correctly aligned with one another it causes excessive tire wear while also making it difficult for you to drive safely down the road due to pulling or drifting sensations while attempting to go straight! Taking care of this problem right away can save you money by extending tire life due to even tread wear across all four tires plus avoiding any potential accidents caused by improper handling characteristics caused by being out of spec! Not only does proper wheel alignment increase safety but also improves fuel economy due its ability reduce rolling resistance created by misaligned tires thus improving overall performance! In fact taking care of this maintenance item now could potentially save you money at the pump over time!

The Importance Of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
Regularly scheduled maintenance such as comprehensive wheel alignments should not be overlooked; especially if you want extend longevity & reliability from your motorized investment! Properly maintained vehicles provide more than just peace-of-mind; they also provide added value come time for resell should that need ever arise! Don’t forget about warranty coverage either; many new cars come with warranties that require documentation showing regular scheduled maintenance has been performed in order be eligible so make sure check manufacturer guidelines before skipping out on any services that may become necessary down line!

Conclusion: Make sure Sartorial Auto Repairs Is Your First Choice For Complete Vehicle Maintenance Solutions!

At Sartorial Auto Repairs we understand how important complete auto repair services are for keeping vehicles running reliably & safely year after year; That’s why we strive daily provide our customers with best solutions possible backed up quality customer service experience every visit! So don’t hesitate give us call today schedule appointment discuss how we can help keep vehicle safe & reliable over years come – We look forward helping get back road soon possible without breaking bank account!!