Keeping Your Car Aligned with Intellispec Precision Wheel Alignment Technology

Keeping your car in alignment is a critical part of overall vehicle maintenance. Poorly aligned wheels can cause excessive wear and tear on tires, as well as decrease gas mileage and reduce the life of your vehicle. Having your car’s alignment checked regularly is an important step in keeping it running at its best, but knowing who to trust with this job can be difficult. At Sartorial Auto Repairs in Santa Rosa, CA, we use Intellispec Precision Wheel Alignment Technology to make sure that your vehicle is properly aligned every time.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment involves adjusting the suspension of a vehicle so that all four wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground when viewed from the front or back of the car. This adjustment ensures that all four tires make equal contact with the road at all times, which increases safety and improves handling characteristics while driving. Proper wheel alignment also helps extend tire life by preventing uneven wear on their treads, which can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and increased operational costs for your car over time.

Why Intellispec?

Intellispec wheel alignment technology sets itself apart from other services through its precision and accuracy. This innovative system uses computer-controlled cameras that measure every aspect of a tire’s position relative to the frame of the car without any manual adjustments being made by technicians or mechanics. The digital images taken by Intellispec are then analyzed by a sophisticated software program that determines whether or not any specific adjustments need to be made in order for proper wheel alignment standards to be met. This method eliminates human error from entering into critical measurements for ensuring proper wheel alignment for each individual customer’s vehicle—giving you peace of mind that our service will always provide you with accurate results every single time you visit us!

How Often Should I Get My Wheels Aligned?

The general rule for vehicles states that wheel alignments should be performed every 10-20 thousand miles depending on driving habits, road conditions, weather exposure (particularly winter conditions), etc., but there are certain signs you can look out for when determining if it’s time for an alignment: Uneven tire wear; poor handling (such as pulling or veering); shaking/vibrations felt through steering wheel; or noise coming from suspension components such as “clunking” sound when turning corners or over bumps in roads—all these signs might indicate it’s time for an Intellispec Wheel Alignment Checkup at Sartorial Auto Repairs!

At Sartorial Auto Repairs we understand how important having properly aligned wheels is not just for safety but also maximizing fuel economy and extending tire life—which is why our team takes great pride in using only state-of-the-art Intellispec Precision Wheel Alignment Technology when servicing customers’ vehicles across Sonoma County and Rohnert Park! So don’t wait until you see signs of misalignment before getting your wheels checked – come visit us today at Sartorial Auto Repairs today so we can get your car back on track!