Transmissions are what make your car or truck change gear. With a manual transmission, or clutch, you decide when to shift gears. Generally you’ll start moving in first and work your way up to fifth for freeway driving. When you’re climbing a hill you might move back down to third gear or so. On the other hand, an automatic transmission does all the work for you. You may or may not feel your car changing gears smoothly as you increase or decrease your speed.

You might not feel your car changing gears when your transmission is working properly, but when your car fails to change gears, you’re going to feel it. It will shift at the wrong times. You might notice the unnerving feeling of your engine revving before finally settling into a higher gear. When this happens, you don’t have long to take your car in for transmission service. Transmission shops have to tow cars in off the road all the time. Don’t get stranded.

Make transmission inspections and maintenance part of your routine. Even if you haven’t experienced gear-shifting problems, make sure your transmission fluid is in tip-top shape at your next check-up.

Sartorial Auto Repairs is a transmission shop conveniently located in Santa Rosa, CA. We do transmission service on all makes and models. If your car or truck doesn’t seem to be shifting properly or if your transmission light comes on, come see us as soon as possible.

  • Automatic transmission service and repair
  • Manual transmission service and repair
  • Clutch Service
  • New transmissions
  • Rebuilt transmissions
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Transmission fluid leak check and repair
  • Transmission filter change

At Sartorial Auto Repairs, our work is guaranteed for either 12 months or 5,000 miles. We’ve been serving the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County area since 1992. CONTACT US or call (707) 526-2625 for transmission service today.