Car Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa

auto repair shop in Santa Rosa Sonoma CountySartorial Auto Repairs, an auto repair shop in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, has been around for 35 years. In the beginning, one of our toughest jobs was to diagnose a car correctly. So many makes and models and possible problems to learn! We still work hard to make the correct diagnosis, but after so many years of experience, it’s become easier over time. We have seen just about every make and model at about every stage of its life. A new 1980 Ford and a twenty-year-old Ford—a new Prius, and, well not a twenty-year-old Prius yet because they haven’t been around that long, but you get the picture.

You might think that our toughest job now is actually doing the repair. An engine or a clutch replacement maybe. But although those require hard work, we’ve done thousands of them, and we enjoy it.
One of our toughest jobs is being there when an owner decides to go ahead and get the new car because repair expense isn’t worth it, and maybe they have enough income (or credit) now to make that purchase. The funny thing is that not everyone’s excited about getting a new car, even if they have plenty of money for it. They love their old one. They’re used to its quirks, and despite the need for a repair here and there, it just keeps on ticking. They feel like because they can afford a new car, they should get one. That’s not necessarily true.
We can’t make the decision for our customers. All we can do is diagnose, give an estimate, and make a pretty good guess about how long the car will keep running and passing smog tests. I bet if we asked mechanics at other auto repair shops in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, they’d say that they see the same thing—people who can afford a new car but just don’t want to give up their old reliable. It’s tough to see!
So come and see us at Sartorial Auto Repairs. An experienced, caring auto repair shop in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, we specialize in getting you more years with your old beloved car. CONTACT US or call (707) 526-2625 and we’ll make sure your ride is safe and comfortable again!