Quality Auto Tech in Santa Rosa

The state of California has recommendations for how to find great car repair in your city. They propose a good idea, which is to search for a good mechanic before you need it. Most of us wait until we’re in desperate need. Whether you are planning ahead or in desperate need now, you want to find quality car repair in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County. Let’s see how Sartorial Auto Repairs compares with some of the things on the state’s checklist.Car Repair in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

First, they want you to find someone who is licensed and registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Check! We are.

The state recommends you find someone whose shop is neat and organized, has modern equipment, and has their policies and payment methods clearly posted. Check, check, and check. We couldn’t have survived this many years without being organized and keeping up with all the modern equipment needed for modern cars. But you should judge for yourself about how our shop looks. Come visit us!

As for personnel, they say that you should expect courteous, helpful staff, a service manager willing to answer questions and resolve disputes, and technicians with certificates and/or advanced training. We definitely have training and hope that you will read the testimonials on our site and see that others think that we are courteous and capable.

The state does not require that a shop offer a guarantee, but they do list it as a plus, and Sartorial Auto Repairs does offer one. We fully guarantee our work for either 12 months or 5,000 miles. That’s one of the best guarantees on car repair in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County.

So whether you need auto repair this very minute or you’re wisely planning ahead for the day you know will come, if you are looking for the best quality car repair in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, we think we fit the bill at Sartorial Auto Repairs. We repair engines, electrical systems, fuel systems, AC’s, and more. CONTACT US or call (707) 526-2625 to schedule an appointment with us today.